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Between Natural Forces and Contemporary Luxury: Welcome to the 1552 Ruisseau-Jureux

Chronique par Karine Dufour-Cauchon

In a remote corner of a small village on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River lies an architectural marvel, a « high-end cabin » rarely seen. Amidst century-old vegetation, unyielding rocky outcrops, and the majestic Saint Lawrence River, prepare to become one with nature as we present to you the luxurious residence at 1552 Ruisseau-Jureux in Saint-Irénée, Charlevoix. 


Embedded in the mountain, this property is anything but ordinary. Even before setting foot inside, one can sense entering a place where Earth and its grandeur take precedence over human whims. Indeed, this property seems to have been « placed » between the stone and flora that make up this coastal outcrop.


The construction of 1552 Ruisseau-Jureux was carried out with a commitment to respect the ecosystem that hosts it. The surrounding metamorphic rock reef exudes the dignity of the thousands of years it has witnessed, while the mature cedars command the same respect.


As you can imagine, « telluric forces » call out to us at first glance. The building’s aesthetics are as respectful of nature as its technical design. For instance, it is none other than the heat from the Earth’s mantle that powers the heating needs of the building: a geothermal well considerably reduces the occupants’ energy consumption. 



The « energy intelligence » of the house doesn’t stop there. This dwelling is intentionally inclined to maximize sunlight presence throughout the year. Moreover, state-of-the-art windows help regulate the interior temperature, keeping it cool during the summer and providing comfort on cold winter days.


Make no mistake: although the residence exudes grandeur and ideas of greatness, it remains built to a human scale. The open spaces offer a sense of vastness, while the furniture and divisions create a familial and comfortable ambiance.


An imposing fireplace, meticulously crafted from silica stone, stands at an impressive 20 feet tall, turning heads. The geothermal-powered heated floors provide optimal comfort. Furthermore, the quality of the kitchen equipment adds a unique touch to this already functional, bright, and welcoming space.



Beyond its beauty and technical features, the house has been designed to ensure the privacy of its residents. Its secluded location, far from the public road and neighbors, ensures absolute tranquility. An outdoor spa offers a relaxation corner for further escape from the daily routine.


For adventure enthusiasts, nearby trails, including access to the shores of the Saint Lawrence, await exploration.


This river, an integral part of Charlevoix’s soul, takes center stage in this residence. Almost every viewpoint showcases this jewel.


You will feel like you’re in a « treehouse » as the galleries are supported by imposing cedar trunks salvaged during the clearing of the land. They lend an air of grandeur, as if, without nature, a dwelling of such magnitude could not have come to be.